Mission Africa is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering Nigerians to transform communities by delivering quality improvements in education, sanitation and clean drinking water. Working with local leaders, Mission Africa helps rebuild African communities one at a time by developing three sustaining programs vital to communities:
  • Educational (school books, library, classroom   materials)
  • Sanitation (building toilets)
  • Clean drinking water (building fresh water wells)
  • Healthcare (clinic, medical equipment, supplies

Where is Sapele, Nigeria?


Mission Africa has concentrated its community development strategies in the region of Sapele, Nigeria. The city is located in southwestern Nigeria in the Delta State. As of 2006, the population of Sapele is approximately 142,000. Nigeria has a per capita GDP of $1,400 USD.


Important facts about Sapele, Nigeria:


  • 56,800 children are under age of 14 
  • 28,000 school age children not attending school. 
  • 30% of population has access to clean drinking water
  • 10th worst rate of infant mortality in the world
  • 70% people living below the poverty line
  • Closets hospital is over 1 hour away